Friday, October 29, 2010

forgive us....

for our lives look (and feel) a little like this these days!  we will fall back into blogging routine ASAP!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

LGBT Safe Space

A dear friend of mine from seminary posted a great blog calling communities that claim inclusivity and compassion to put actions to their words.  This epidemic of anti-gay bullying and the lives it is taking is unacceptable, and we should be striving to be more vocal in advocating and providing safe-spaces.  I encourage you to wander over and give it a read - a wonderful post by a wonderful woman.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Covets & Cravings

  • the goodbyn bento box makes me excited for kindergarten when Bean will need me to pack a lunch for her! heck, it makes me want to pack lunches for when she eats at home after preschool!
  • these way cool puzzle sandwich cutters
  • just about every single new fall pattern from oliver + s (i've been sewing up a storm this weekend & am antsy to get ahold of one of these!)
Anthropologie's new arrivals have me drooling:
  • this dress
  • this dress, too
  • oh, and this blouse
  • and this chemise makes me want to stay in bed all day with a great book & a mug of tea
what is it you're craving as we head into fall?!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hand Dancers

i must admit, i love to watch dancing. i love those hip hop dance troups especially, and am sorry i never danced myself. when i watch it, i get all giddy inside and want to sign Bean up for every class imaginable - don't you love it, too? but alas, i can't dance AT.ALL - though highly musically inclined, movement is just not my thing, but these hand dancers are so rad they make me think there's possibility!

enjoy friends!


Friday, September 10, 2010

weekend aspirations

it's been a mixed bag of emotions here at our house these last few days.  the Bean had her first day of preschool and didn't even care that mom & dad were leaving her and crying as they left.  She had the BEST time.  my younger sister graduated from beauty school.  my husband is getting ready to go on a week-long trip to DC to finish his BA.  and sadly, my mother-in-law died semi-unexpectedly.  this weekend will be the last one my husband will be home until october now, and i'm stressed about single-parenting it.  here's what i hope for the weekend:
  • to go to costco and stock up!
  • to finish reading "the girl with the dragon tattoo"
  • to do at least one prep. chapter of my fall quarter reading
  • to get babysitters lined up for the few scheduling complications now arising
  • to send husband & bean out for an ice cream date while i tidy/organize the home for a long month
cheers, and here's to keeping you all posted!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

school is just around the corner!

the Bean has her preschool student orientation this morning.  she had a blast, and in half the time preschool will typically last she made an art project, played in a bean-bin, counted coins into a cup, used playdough, sang a ton of songs, played with a doll house, heard a story, and made 13 new friends. 

thursday is her official first day of school - the day i'll make a fancy breakfast and she'll get her picture taken for the first of 14 or so 1st days to come.  thursday is the day she'll run from me to be with her friends and leave me along and crying in the car.  thursday is the day my wee little Bean becomes a real big girl.  has it really been that long since she was like this?
*sigh* i need me some more baby around here.....

Monday, September 6, 2010


Friends, as you know, I've been searching for a new "momma bag."  What you don't know is that I'm also in the market for a new DSLR.  And to be honest, I've been holding on making a decision because it's one more thing to lug around.  But, the ladies over at My Favorite Things may have an answer for both things.  They're giving away a gorgeous *emera camera bag.

Hurry on over and sign up to win it yourself!  I'm crossing my fingers for ya.